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Simple Sautéed Shrimp Soup

This little fiesta of seafood flavours happen as a spontaneous combination of my available ingredients. I found some lovely succulent shrimp and …


Lemon Roasted Salmon

I love a quick dinner as i’m sure many of you do. Rich in omega 3 and power packed with healthy vitamins …


Chicken and Peas Casserole

Try something new with this roasted red pepper sauce creation. I’ve combined the bittersweet tomato sauce alternative with the mildly spiced chicken, …


Vegetarian Casserole in Lemon Sauce

A big advocate of lemon juice, this casserole combines the zesty essence brilliantly with the colourful vegetable platter. A hearty yet healthy …


Vegan Carrot Broccoli Soup

A detox in disguise, i’ve infused chlorella powder and created this delicious blend of flavours that assist your day to day well-being. …


Vegan Strawberry Salad

In my pursuit to capturing new flavours for spring, I’ve combined a few ingredients to deliver this refreshing salad. Bursting with colours, …