Chocolate Avocado Pudding


A rich and decadent chocolate pudding laced with hints of avocado. This dessert was exactly what i needed after a long day. It took less than 5 minutes to whip up, and left me feeling extremely satisfied long after. Perfection in a bowl and absolutely hassle free. Did i mention it only requires a few ingredients and NO cooking? Well to add to the simplicity of this sensational chocolate pudding  I’ve used almond milk to intensify the flavours, enrich its health benefits, and cream together the joys of avocado and cacao.

Soy free and vegan, its a great way to please all our friends (especially those who don’t watch their diet). They’ll never guess the difference!

Time needed: 5 mins
Makes about 2 servings

1 cup Almond milk (add if needed)
2 avocado
2 tbs cacao
2-3 tbs agave nectar (add to taste)

1. In a blender blend all the ingredients together until well combined, smooth and to your taste.

This quick and easy allergy friendly dessert is too good not to try!


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