Raw White Chocolate


For those with a sweet tooth, this will come to you as a great treat! A gluten free vegan alternative, without holding back on the flavours of a delicate block of white chocolate. Full of coconut flakes and a really sweet taste, this dessert was as close as i could get to Raffaello sweets! The fact that they are sugar free makes them just that much more enjoyable! Mold them into any shape you like and share with those you love, who said going gluten free and vegan could be this much fun! If you’re more of a chocolate lover try out my raw brownies ! I honestly think going raw is a great way to save time on making desserts ! With a minimal list of ingredients and you can curb any sugar craving with these vegan delights!

Time needed: 10 mins ( then freeze for at least 1 hour)

3 cups coconut flakes
5 tbs agave nectar
1 tbs pure vanilla extract


1. In a food processor, process the coconut flakes for a few minutes. Until the flakes begin to moisten and stick together. Do not add any liquid as you will find that it takes a while for it to begin to moisten, resist temptation and allow it to process thoroughly. ( i did this for approx. 5-6 minutes)

2. Add the agave nectar and vanilla extract then process until well combined. ( depending on your food processor you might have to occasionally bring the mixture down as it might begin to stick on the sides of the container).

3. Once you get a moist NON-grainy consistency ( it will not be wet, but you should see a moist well-blended mixture formed, it will be slightly crumbly when handled) place onto a baking tray or into molds of your choice and press it down firmly.

4. Freeze for at least an hour, then serve as you please. Always keep in the freezer if you are not going to be consuming it to ensure the shape stays in form!

Devour with a cup of tea as i did and you will find a purely satisfying sensation delivered to you.


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