Why Gluten Free?

Deciding to do a Gluten Free Diet has become popular these days, but its important to understand why, the benefits behind it and the cautions we should take as a means of going on it.

If you are a coeliac you are probably well acquainted with the diet. However, for those of us that are either intolerant, allergic, or choose to do it by undertake a gluten free diet by choice, this will give you a brief heads up as to what you’re getting yourself into!

For starters, Gluten is a type of protein that is found in wheat, some grains and cereals. When used in cooking its main purpose is to give food the ‘gooey’ ‘elastic’ texture such as that in bread dough.

We don’t notice this when we aren’t consciously minding what we eat, but by eliminating gluten you are automatically eliminating a wide variety of unhealthy foods. So it definitely brings along some benefits..

  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Decrease Heart DIsease Risks
  • More Energy
  • Better Mood

..And much more!

Along with this, it is important to keep a balanced diet, and ensure we get all the nutrients our body needs. So if you are cutting something out, make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals from another food source. This will ensure you are eating healthy because the point of any diet should be to enrich your health not hinder it.

Something else to keep in mind when on the Gluten Free Diet is that just because something is GF doesn’t necessarily make it low calorie. Yes, you heard that right. Though you are eliminating a lot of the ‘bloat prone’ foods you will still come across substitutes that are high in fat.

HOWEVER, this is NOT always bad!  For example avocados  have a very high level of ‘healthy’ fats. Your body needs these in a small amount, so make sure you are substituting your foods correctly and to the right quantity.

So, simply put it might be better to make your own gluten free foods than to resort to store bought because today you can’t be too sure if all the ingredients are truly GF, not to mention wheat and dairy free etc.

Keep a look out for some great do-it-yourself recipes for many items you would probably otherwise get in the store!

Stay positive and keep that healthy streak going!

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