Tuna ‘Mayo’ Corn Cakes


I often find myself needing a mid afternoon snack to keep me going. Since many store bought goods contain so many different unwanted ingredients I’ve grown very fond of the thin crisp corn cakes. They are perfect for adding a wide range of toppings. One of my favourite, and possibly more filling topping choices are tuna ‘mayo’ with corn.

A great appetizer option as well, you can get the corn cakes ( or rice cakes) in many different sizes that look great when served at parties, dinners, festive gatherings or simply as a healthy alternative to snacks.

Time needed: 5 mins
Makes 2 -3 topped corn cakes

3 corn cakes ( or rice cakes)
1 small can of tuna
5 tbs cooked corn kernels (I used canned)
1 cup cress leaves
1/2 cup Dairy Free/Gluten Free Mayo

1.In a bowl combine, tuna and mayo, then add the corn and mix.
2. Place the corn cakes on a plate, layer the cress leaves followed by the tuna ‘mayo’ mixture.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

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