Vegan Apple Cinnamon Juice


A simple way to refresh yourself this summer without constantly purchasing boxed drinks is to make it yourself!
Get a bunch of your favourite fruits and create a beautifully rejuvenating juice. You’ll avoid the unrefined sugar, additives and other unnecessary ingredients. I had some apples lying around and thought I would try making my own home made apple juice. Completely gluten free and vegan, i simply added some cinnamon, to give it that holiday reminiscent touch, and it also compliments the apples really well. A thicker texture, it may not appeal to all, but it will give you your daily dose of fruit and you can tweak the flavour to your liking! I refrigerated mine for a bit to give myself a little kick of summer cooling ( even though its really not as hot as one would have liked for a summers day in London where i currently live). Needless to say, it will definitely do the trick!

Time needed: 10 mins ( plus refrigerating time)
Makes 2 cups

4 apples
1 cup water ( add more if needed)
1 tbs cinnamon powder

1. In a blender combine all ingredients until desired texture is achieved.

Serve chilled for a great refreshing beverage. If left to sit for a while separation may occur so just give it a whirl before enjoying.

Its a quick way to use fruit lying around your kitchen!


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