Vegan Chewy Brownies

Brownies have always been been my weak spot. But now I don’t have to resist anymore simply because of the amazing ( and super quick) vegan version i’ve created here for you! Especially since its packed with healthy ingredients, this nutty brownie is perfect for gathering some friends or enjoying solo. Even those who don’t eat raw vegan or gluten free diets will be fooled by the chewy and gooey texture one of these brownie slices will give you! For all those out there who love a little (not-so-)guilty treat, its time to sit back and enjoy. Not to mention that one of these babies can be whipped up in no time! Or check out my other vegan desserts if you’re more of a white chocolate lover !

Time needed: 5 minutes processing ( 1 hour refrigerate- but not mandatory)

Makes: about 6 medium brownie squares

1 cup soft dates, pitted
5 tbs cocoa powder
1 cup pecans
2 tbs agave nectar
3-4 tbs pumpkin seeds

1. In a food processor, put only the pecans and process until it becomes fine.
2. Then add the dates, process until well combined. It will begin to form a dough like consistency as it sticks together.
3. Add all the remaining ingredients ( agave nectar, pumpkin seeds).
4. Process until well combined. Then place into a small baking dish of your choice and press the mixture down well.
5. Refrigerate for an hour if you wish ( this makes it easier to cut into squares later).

This goes great with a scoop of some non-dairy ice-cream! You may even add some of your favourite ingredients as i did the pumpkin seeds to create a personalized brownie just for yourself or friends!

And finally Enjoy!!

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