Watermelon Smoothie


 Quench your thirst with this watermelon juice! Sweet and hydrating, its a perfect drink for a hot summers day. You only need 1 ingredient and a blender to make this fiesta of flavours. Naturally healthy and nutrient rich, this smoothie is best served cold.  Get creative with your garnishing and cut out mini shapes to go along with your juice.

Free from any refined sugars thanks to the very sweet nature of watermelon. You’ll get a sugar fix without any unnecessary added ingredients! A great way to avoid any major allergens is to make your own fresh juices. You’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your drink, can you say the same about store bought juice? Probably not. So this is a great way to stay hydrated and get your daily intake of fruits!

Time needed: 5 minutes
Makes 2-3 cups

1 small watermelon ( preferably chilled)

1. In a blender, blend the watermelon until it becomes a juice.
2. To garnish, cut out pieces of watermelon and either using a stencil or knife cut out the desired shape. I did hearts!

Garnish the glass and serve cold!!


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